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Employee Appreciation Week 2!

Aug 30, 2019Michelle Cabral

After last week’s sugar high, it was time for massages and tacos! It was difficult for the employees to avoid slipping into a food coma. Sleeping on the job is apparently prohibited in the employee handbook. Read More

Employee Appreciation Week 1!

Aug 27, 2019Michelle Cabral

This week we treated our employees to dart ball and lots of sugar on top of sugar with a side of sugar.

To kick off the events, we had games set up in our parking lot. There were many participants and no one succumbed to a heat stroke!! After reviewing the scores, it was determined that there are liars and cheats among us. We aren't going to name names, but we suspect they are on the PM team. We were especially impressed with the fact that Katie was able to score 32 points while not even being here. So, she was the obvious winner.  Read More

In Loving Memory of Maud Stethem
In Loving Memory of Maud Stethem

Aug 13, 2019Michelle Cabral